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Milestones and Integration of ZNS Connect

ZNS App Version 1 Roadmap (May 2023 - August 2023)

ZNS App Version 2 Roadmap (September 2023 - April 2024):

1) Enhanced User Experience and Functionality (Q1 2024)

2) Cross-Chain Integration and NFT Enhancements (Q2 2024)

3) Seamless Login and API Integration (Q2 2024)

4) Domain Management for Communities (Q3 2024)

ZNS App Version 3 Roadmap (May 2024 - December 2024)

  1. Domain Gift Cards: Feature related to gifting domain names. Clarify the purpose and usage of these gift cards.

  2. ZNS SDK Smart Contract: Smart contract related to ZNS SDK. Provide additional context or details about its functionality.

  3. ZNS Subgraph: The ZNS Subgraph is a data indexing and querying system that provides a comprehensive view of activity and data within the ZNS ecosystem.

  4. Subdomain Customization: Customize subdomains with unique names, allowing for more personalized and branded web addresses.

  5. Supporting 6+ Chains: Indicates support for multiple blockchain networks. Specify the exact number of supported chains for precision.

  6. Possibility to post news in V3 ZNS Platform: Feature allowing users to post news articles on ZNS platform version 2. Clarify any specific functionalities related to this feature.

  7. Official Verification of User Accounts and Premium Services: Process of verifying user accounts officially and offering premium services. Provide details about what official verification entails.

  8. Message between ZNS Accounts: Feature allowing communication between ZNS platform users. Specify any unique aspects or functionalities of this messaging system.

  9. Seamless Login and API Integration: Simplify user experience with seamless login and robust API integration.

  10. Implement login with domain name feature: Enable login using domain names, enhancing user convenience and identity management.

  11. Provide developers with API integration: Offer developers API integration to access and leverage ZNS functionalities effortlessly.

  12. Domain Management for Communities: Facilitate domain management for communities to empower leaders and streamline operations.

  13. Allow community leaders to manage domain names for groups: Empower community leaders to oversee and manage domain names for their respective groups.

Q4 2024 TGE: Token Generation Event planned between the second and third quarters of 2024. Specify the year for clarity.

Marketplace and Social Features (Q1 2025):

  • Develop a Marketplace: In the latter half of 2024, we have exciting plans to launch a marketplace within ZNS. This marketplace will enable users to buy, sell, and trade domain names easily and securely.

This roadmap outlines our achievements from September 2023 to March 2025 and provides insights into the exciting developments we have planned for the future. We're committed to enhancing the ZNS App experience and providing valuable features to our users. Stay tuned for a year of innovation and growth!

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