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One Pager of ZNS Connect Application

The Product: ZNS Connect is your go-to platform for seamless Web3 interactions. It simplifies the complexity of Web3 by replacing cumbersome addresses with user-friendly names, making it a breeze for users to navigate and transact. Link to app

What We're Building: We're on a mission to redefine how you experience the Web3 world. We're creating a decentralized naming service that spans Omnichain, designed for Web3, Identifiers, and DAOs. Our goal is to empower users with enhanced digital identities and facilitate smooth transactions across various blockchains

Key Points :

— 460,000+ Domains Minted on Berachain

— Launched on the Berachain, Polygon, Zetachain — Access to your own #Web3 Page

— 1st place out of 5,300 projects at the DoraHacks hackathon

— Ranks No.1 in NFTs on the Magic Store

— Officially verified on NFTScan Explorer

— Integrated OKX Web3 wallet Pitch Deck: link

TGE: Q4 2024 Investments Raised: $120,000 Raising Now: $1,440,000 in Seed Round

We look forward to discussing these details further during our call: https://calendly.com/znsconnect

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